January 2017, just arrived sees the SOLAS introduction of a house boat come work barge propeller for the bigfoot 13 or 15 spline engines.

We can do ALL splines with the superior rubex kits that this propeller uses which also makes rebushing cheaper and simpler.

This propeller will totally revolutionize the bigfoot gearbox market in Australia. Comes in one size; 3 x 14.1 x 11 right hand rotation suits

yamaha, mercury and suzuki bigfoot gearboxes. It is Priced the same as a normal propeller too.


Also exclusive to Just Propellers WA and now available is a 16 pitch new saturn to suit  all 50-130 hp engines as well as a 16 pitch three  blade

v6 propeller for 150 to 350 hp engines. This gap between 15 and 17 can be a difficult area but not now. With the 14 and 16 pitch 4 blade

stainless steel propellers we can suit every combination possible now.

Contact Michael for more details. 




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