Hello again,

during the last six months SOLAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, the parent company, has been battling with the idea of changing

the Eastern State's distributor rights for their own reasons. Well, after many months of non compliance, it has happened. The new 

distributor of  SOLAS products for all states accept W.A  is;


1800 677 436, 02 99972788.

All the best to Jason and his team. I am sure they will do SOLAS proud.

In the meantime, Just Propellers WA has the only stock holding in Australia so if you are from the other states, please be mindfull

that all sales are being supplied out of Perth at present, until AMS receives their stock direct from the Taiwan factory.

Back to Perth and the absolute devistating weather on the weekends lately. Its just killing boating this season and even making the

weeds grow quicker on my old boat sitting in the pen doing nothing. Make sure to give the bottom a scrub instead of a high speed blast

to remove growth. It will save your propeller bushes if you manually clean it rather than trying to drive it off.

Thats about all for now


Michael and Cheryl










Well hello again.January just seems such a blur now as it went so fast I didnt even attempt a blog. There wasnt much to

report only that we worked through most of Xmas and the new year because of a sickness in the family and the bloody wind

didnt help either. So it worked out ok for everybody.

February is a different situation. We are sad to announce that we, Just Propellers WA will not support, condone or back any

of the business dealings of the Eastern states SOLAS dealer and take no responsibility for their actions, accounts or dealings.

Not much can be said at this point but a huge change is about to happen with distribution to the other six states. We will keep

you informed the minute it all happens.

Yamaha. It can be said that SOLAS is now making in our factory, a range of yamaha propellers directly for yamaha in SOLAS

high chromium flexible stainless steel that should see them look and perform far better than a painted stainless propeller.

Well done SOLAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING for being the premium producer of quality products in the marine Industry.

Thats all for now


Michael and Cheryl

Well its over half way through the month and I have only just sat down to attempt the final blog for the year.

It has been a hell of a year with many changes ready to come in the new year. New products and  a few surprises

as far as SOLAS is concerned. Stay tuned for those.

On a more general note, we in Perth pioneered the 30 minute prop trial in W.A. which seems to have been taken

advantage of of late in that, a trip to rotto or shark bay does not justify a trial period. It actually means you own the

Propeller whether it works or not. Especially when they come back looking very secondhand. So, remember, prop

trials are 30 minutes in the water or less and then the prop needs to be able to be sold as new to be exchanged.

We are the only company in W.A. that allows this so please keep to the guidelines and we will keep doing the trials.

Well it comes to opening hours over this Christmas period.

We have decided to open on the available working days;

open December 27,28 and 29 till midday then January 2,3,4 and 5 as  normal.

We at Just Propellers WA wish to thank all of our clients for dealing with us throughout the year and we hope to continue

this relationship for many years to come.


Michael and Cheryl

Hello again, its nearly Christmas again. They come around quickly these days.

Well we are fully stocked up for the new year ahead so there really is not a propeller we cannot supply out

of the extensive range we carry. From memory i cut myself short on 11 pitch 25 johnson propellers so that

not too bad. We are seeing a huge range of shortages in engines, gearboxes and propellers from other makers.

You just cant sell it if you havent got it. I wise old mentor of mine said that 15 years ago when we set up the shop.

This is extremely evident this week when I lent a rescue crew a left hand rotation propeller because their engine supplier

couldnt supply a right hand gearbox. Part of our service is to keep the rescue boat on the water but, really?

So whats new this month?

16 pitch. we seem to be having a run on setups that require split pitches .

So SOLAS  came to the party.

We can now supply;

D 3 X 13.5 X16 right hand stainless for 60-140 hp

E 3 X 15 .3 X 16 left and right stainless for v6 gearbox

and E4 X 14.5 X 14 and 16 pitch hr titan 4 blade right only. these are exclusive to W.A.

Thats about all for now


Michael and Cheryl

Hello again, its been a  busy month, with us being away in August, then rushing to Sydney to support

the Eagles in their quest for finals glory and now back to business and straight into a boatshow.

We will need to close this FRIDAY THE 22ND OF SEPTEMBER, to man the stand. Number 2 booth inside

if you are visiting. It would be nice to see you.

As a special boatshow thankyou, approach me to sign a $100.00  off voucher  for any stainless purchase

115 horsepower and above.Retail customers only, one per person.

cheers for now,

Michael and Cheryl 

Hello again, I need to inform you all that we will be closing the business for a 3 week period

due to some very slack and unprofessional relief staff that I had organised that decided to cancel

at the last minute. 





Many thanks for your kind understanding on this matter.


Michael and Cheryl 

The july school holidays are with us again.

Generally its the time to head up North or overseas depending on which floats ya boat.

Its also a time to book in for the yearly service on the engine you are running. Most mechanics are sitting

around waiting for the phone to ring this time year so take a tip from me and service now and not in the

heat of the pre Summer rush when every man and his dog wants it done straight away. Its the same in my

workshop. You want a rebush or rebuild done? Now is the time compared with a 3 week wait after October.

You may have noticed  the extension of our Bravo 2 sale for another month. It has been so successful that

we would be silly to end it now. So check it out. Big savings to be made on those.

Thats about all for now


Michael and Cheryl

What an amazing month has just passed. May was a total surprise with many new fitups in areas that are not

well renowned for big engine sales. We were glad we were asked to help and in all cases achieved the correct

rpm on the first trialls.This helps when the dealers have to take the vessel on seatrials to sign off on warranties.

They like to get it right the first time. We find this sets the scene for the engines life, being set up correctly from

new. So I would suggest that when hunting for that new engine that you ask if seatrials are undertaken to make

sure its all ok from new.

Propellers. Not much is new this month with development of higher horsepower engines in most brands there is

a trend to go 4 blade to handle the extra horsepower but for the better efficiency the large diameter 3 blade is

the go unless on a cat or twin, triple or quad installation. Then the 4 blade excels.

Dont forget to check our front page for this months special . Its the best ever on Bravo 2 Propellers.

cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl 

02.06.2017 Further to this years NBN changeover and our phone problems here at work, it has been brought to our attention

that I do not answer the phone quickly enough. We had a chat to iinet and it seems that with voip phone systems

they ring at least six times before it even sounds here once. So best ring a bit longer until I find a better solution.


Hello again, May already and just look outside at that great boating weather. Almost makes me want to

shut up shop and head for Rottnest Island and lose myself.

Seems to be a trouble free start to the month with signs of things hotting up in the dry season up north

and Boaties getting ready to mothball their boat in the metro area. Same every year. Its like clockwork.

One thing that has come up in general phone conversations and some dealers sales pitches is the fact

that no all propellers are made in the SOLAS factory but it is surprising how many people try to sell their 

own unmarched brands off as SOLAS. Its very simple. If the propeller has a small oval gold SOLAS sticker

inside the exhaust flare or the name SOLAS cast into the propeller then it is one of ours.

Certainly being stamped "made in U.S.A" should be a sign that it did not come out of the SOLAS factory. 

I suppose it should be taken as a compliment but selling lower quality castings off as SOLAS and then trying

to get top dollar as well just means they think we are all stupid too!

So, back to my old sales pitch of, ask for SOLAS by name. Manufacturers and distributors that are not afraid

of the WARRANTY word.

Cheers for now,

Michael and Cheryl

Here it is 10 days into April and Ive just remembered to do this. School holidays are up and running with the

phones running hot from all over the state asking for quick propeller deliveries to the remote places.

Well, it just aint happening any more. Even a $25.00 yellow express bag to say, Exmouth, takes around three

days if your lucky. We do our best as I suppose couriers do but it is still best to carry a spare with you.


WEBSITES ! Mine has been hacked by some wonderful person. It is repaired now but still shows the scares on

google saying that it is dangerous. I am assured it is safe to look at.

We are weeks away from releasing our first online purchasing section which i will special say six items a

month at hugely reduced prices so stay tuned. The first item will be a 21 pitch suzuki four stroke propeller

for $545.00 in stainless steel delivered .

This is only available in W.A.

Cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl

Sitting in my office waiting for the day to end so the weekend can relax me. Up to the front door comes a

man with a small claim sheet in his hand relating to last MAY 2016 blog "johnny the flog" who used his

gearbox in reverse for 10 hours, ruined his gearbox and wanted me to pay for his stupidity because

he didnt want to spoil his 3 week holiday by missing out on two days of fishing.

I am so happy I wrote a brief but accurate account of the situation at the time because ol johnny the toss

has waited nearly 12 months to act. I am so looking forward to my day in court.

Any other mechanical workshops or suppliers that want this persons name are welcome to ring me.

He is poisonous so avoid him at all costs.

Be accountable for your own actions hey:)



Hello again, not so much of a rant this month but a fact session if you like. Three separate clients this week

all complaining about Bravo 2 rebushing of SOLAS Bravo 2 Propellers done elsewhere at $300.00 per prop

only to fail easily after the second or third use. This is met with statements when returning the failures, like

"SOLAS are crap products" and "you should buy original products". He should stop that :).

Why people would pay to get these repairs done twice before bringing them back to the agent for the

correct bush replacement to be fitted also astounds me.


SOLAS Rebushing done by us involves;

removal of the old bush

solvent cleaning of the opening

linishing with a dye grinder to etch the surface

press, tapers and dyes for that bush

7 tonne maximum with no heat used 

time is not an issue which when rushed, leads to the use of the above (heat) which weakens the bush

the use of superior 98 composite SOLAS made rubber bushes compared to 92 composite of others

Other repairers may or may not practice the above but surely if a failure occurs within a certain period

a business can supply a warranty for work done rather than bag the product.

If you cant do a job why take the persons money?

Once a propeller has been butchered elsewhere,I would have to check tolerances first before

attempting to repair it as the heat and extra pressure used then makes it too risky. 

Finally, keeping your propeller as clean as possible ,especially inside the exhaust flare will prolong its life. 

Cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl

Had a lovely afternoon yesterday sitting in Parker Point till nearly sunset watching the many boats

of all types doing the mad rush home before dark.One thing that stuck out like dogs bollocks was

the huge amount of cavitation around in non SOLAS propped vessels. I recall most of the boat I get

to fix and the ones that are propped non SOLAS. One vessel , I will not name,even had to stop and trim

the engines in to get on the plane.This can be just so dangerous in open ocean conditions and

should be sorted out.

We can do this and this is what we need in order to help;

boat size and type

engines size and type

propeller sizes, pitches and type

wide open throttle rpm and speed acquired at that rpm.

So basically all the information we ask for on our contact sheet on www.propellers.com.au

Feel free to call me with this info and we can see what can be done.

08 92449255


Michael and Cheryl


Hello again, just having a brief moment in the office after a fast pace start to the month and I thought I would

do this months story quickly. No major hassles to date only an observation on boating people both professional

and amateur and its to do with lond periods of downtime with boats sitting in the water. We all know buildups

of growth occur in the Winter months but actually Sunny times are when the wind stops us from using our boats

but the sun keeps the growing process happening and before we know it, dirty bum!

Now this normal and sorry to say many people thing a good blast down the river will clean this off.

Well, normally  it does but with outboard and sterndrive units, the bushing system in all Propellers comes

under too much strain and a spun bush usually occurs.This can be costly and involve at least a weeks downtime

not to mention removal and replacement costs. In the last weeks I have even had a mechanic do this to a clients

boat to try and save a lift out to clean things.

Further to rebushing, SOLAS makes its own bushes in house in the factory so we are not held to the lower

composite strength rubber that others use, ie, we boast 98 composite compared to 92 composite from others.

Meaning our rubber is harder and more durable. I actually warrant our rebushing but others do not.

cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl

Hello again. 24 days into the month before I even look like doing this blog. Compliments of the season to you all.

There has been a steady stream of clients in the door this year with a good cross section of new builds,

repairs and upgrades as I see people have stayed at home for Xmas this year and using their boats more

instead of going overseas. After the 8 day stay at Rottnest this year just gone I wished I went to less windy Bali:)

I have had a series of very simple prop failures coming through that is a worrying trend. Simple run through the

sand issues that spin a bush too easily, the same type of hit also causing a whole blade loss from the housing.

It seems to be on the cheaper brands available, non SOLAS, obviously, that just do not use or practice the

squeeze casting in their alloy propellers , thus making them more porous and weaker. Remember you pay for

what you get and get what you pay for.

Keep an eye out for our new house boat thruster propellers for 40-60 horsepower 13 spline engines with the

reverse exhaust flare to aid in reversing. Available now.

Also, we have decided that Australia Day on a Thursday means that Friday we wont be open. i hope you all 

understand and have a good break as well


Michael and Cheryl


Michaels December rant!

I had occasion to supply a Perth man, lets call him Fabulous Phil, with a propeller he ordered off the Solas Queensland website.

This is fine ,we do this all the time but remember, the Perth area orders come out of this Perth office and at the price you clicked on.

I received the order on Tuesday the 29th November at 9.52 am. It had OMC and MERCURY listed as the type required.

At 10.00am i sent Fabulous Phil an email to check which propeller to supply.

I continue on with my busy pre xmas week. Then on  Friday I start sorting paperwork and have not heard a thing from Fabulous Phil

so I decide to send him the most common propeller and hope its correct.

Saturday 7.52am, 5 days later, I get an email enquiring as to where fabulous phil's propeller is.

I answered this email within 4 minutes.

12.33 pm Saturday fabulous Phil sends an abusive reply to Solas Qld and myself with words like prick and dickhead only proving

that Fabulous Phil didnt realise that in Perth the plastic propeller is $29.00 and from QLD including delivery was $59.00.

So Fabulous Phil decides he is going to bad mouth me on google reviews( get his surname from there) which I am fine with but also

deserve the right to reply even if I have to use this blog.

So Fabulous Phil, the moral of the story is, check your emails more often, buy local its cheaper and when you bad mouth someone

without a real course that you will get some back in return.

I am totally committed to supplying the correct Propeller for your engine needs.

I have had reason to question people orders lately knowing full well they were wrong.

We always give advise based on experience and  our documented trials.

Now ive got that off my chest its down to getting on with the busy buildup to Xmas




Here we are the end on 2016. Its been an interesting year for us to say the least with dealerships swapping and changing 

between engine makers, these makers fighting for a small market of somewhat loyal buyers that really like quality.

For example, not many people know that Mercury own a good portion of Tohatsu and a major part of Tohatsu 4 strokes

are now Honda engines and yet Mercury and Honda are full on competitors. It is the same with Propellers.

We make for every maker accept Mercury and Yamaha but Volvo, Tohatsu, Honda and Suzuki seem to think we do it right. 

On to the end of year.

Just Propellers WA  Trading hours this end of year are;




We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of Our Valued customers as friends and pass on

Our best wishes for the Christmas season.

All the Best

Michael and Cheryl

First off I would like to thank the 87 people that took me up on the Mandurah Boat Show discount ticket offer.

It seems as though you were all rather happy with saving your ticket and presenting it here. I might consider doing

it again next year. Thanks again for your support.

Not long until Christmas even though we will be staying here and working up until the 23th of december, the Friday.

We are still undecided on Our re opening dates but have the Monday the 9th in mind at present depending on the weather.

Phones!. I know ive been harping on it but when you buy a system on the 2nd of September, expect it working on the 8th of September

but are even today, the 2nd of November, still being screwed around by them, its just not right!

So please be tolerant of this as it is out of our hands.You can try the numbers on the contact page and see what happens.

I will look after you when you finally get me, you know that :)


0418 952852

Cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl

Boatshow time again means we are in October. It means alot of things to me, my Charter boat survey month, last order

before Christmas goes to SOLAS for January delivery and generally people get set for the oncoming boating year.

I truly hope its better than the start we have had so far.

Phones. After nearly a solid month of crap we are not even back to where we started, 3 phone lines and a toll free

number all diverted to my mobile. So if you are having an engaged signal or message bank , we are sorry.

This swap to NBN has been an absolute desaster!

To make it up to you all and sort of a "not going to the boatshow special", we are offering a special discount for

boatshow visitors. All you have to do in the month of October is to show up at Just Propeller WA with your boatshow

ticket and we will give you;

$150.00 off a stainless steel propeller or

$75.00 off an aluminium propeller

This is for engines bigger than 75 horsepower and is limited to one per person.

Further to the SOLAS brand, we at Just Propellers WA are pleased to announce Our alignment of SOLAS and Honda

Warranties and We will supply a SEVEN Year Warranty on SOLAS Propellers supplied by us fitted to any HONDA Engine

in Western Australia. Our normal 5 year warranty applies to all other Propellers as normal.

This far exceeds any other Propeller maker or supplier in the world. How do we do it? Easy . Superior Product.


Michael and Cheryl

Hello all, bloody hell September already. Soon be Christmas.I really start counting them these days as it comes around so quickly. 

The world of Propellers doesnt change much these days with the only innovations being in metals used and their ability to maintain strength and durability.

SOLAS is well renowned for being the pacesetter for its Alloy and Stainless Steel formulae which are virtually impossible to copy.

Any comparisons or attempts to copy Our metals are always met with huge failures.You notice this the minute you open a SOLAS box.

Products to look forward to before christmas 2016 include a SOLAS bigfoot reverse thrust propeller for 60hp engines and some new 148mm jetpump

upgrades from 144mm . Feel free to call me on these for more information.

cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl



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