Boatshow time again means we are in October. It means alot of things to me, my Charter boat survey month, last order

before Christmas goes to SOLAS for January delivery and generally people get set for the oncoming boating year.

I truly hope its better than the start we have had so far.

Phones. After nearly a solid month of crap we are not even back to where we started, 3 phone lines and a toll free

number all diverted to my mobile. So if you are having an engaged signal or message bank , we are sorry.

This swap to NBN has been an absolute desaster!

To make it up to you all and sort of a "not going to the boatshow special", we are offering a special discount for

boatshow visitors. All you have to do in the month of October is to show up at Just Propeller WA with your boatshow

ticket and we will give you;

$150.00 off a stainless steel propeller or

$75.00 off an aluminium propeller

This is for engines bigger than 75 horsepower and is limited to one per person.

Further to the SOLAS brand, we at Just Propellers WA are pleased to announce Our alignment of SOLAS and Honda

Warranties and We will supply a SEVEN Year Warranty on SOLAS Propellers supplied by us fitted to any HONDA Engine

in Western Australia. Our normal 5 year warranty applies to all other Propellers as normal.

This far exceeds any other Propeller maker or supplier in the world. How do we do it? Easy . Superior Product.


Michael and Cheryl

Hello all, bloody hell September already. Soon be Christmas.I really start counting them these days as it comes around so quickly. 

The world of Propellers doesnt change much these days with the only innovations being in metals used and their ability to maintain strength and durability.

SOLAS is well renowned for being the pacesetter for its Alloy and Stainless Steel formulae which are virtually impossible to copy.

Any comparisons or attempts to copy Our metals are always met with huge failures.You notice this the minute you open a SOLAS box.

Products to look forward to before christmas 2016 include a SOLAS bigfoot reverse thrust propeller for 60hp engines and some new 148mm jetpump

upgrades from 144mm . Feel free to call me on these for more information.

cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl



Hello again, it is a noticeably cooler and wetter Winter this year which does tend to have an affect on sales in the Metro

area but obviously we are all spending more time up North to avoid this and rightly so.

The first weekend in August usually means Avon Descent racing which we have been supplying to for over 15 years

and can say that SOLAS Propellers have featured in as many as 28 out of the top 30 places and no less than 24 for as

long as we have been involved. Again with a superior product.

We wish all competitors both power and paddle all the best and safe travels for next weekend.

Moving on, we are experiencing numbers of 10 year old, yes 10 year old Bravo 2 SOLAS Propellers coming in for rebushing. 

Seriously this is pretty amazing considering that we see other brands that do not last to the 2 year mark.

Well done again Solas Science and Engineeering for producing products that far exceed the others.

To help the above bravo 2 owners that are using PROPSPEED etc, It is very important to also protect and clean the internal bush

and exhaust section of these propellers to prolong bush life and avoid failure.

Just because you cant see buildup doesnt mean it isnt there


Michael and Cheryl


Hello again, well here we are half way through 2016, school holidays and freezing bloody cold.

I can see the old trend of fine fishing weather through the week and absolute rubbish on the weekends again.

Not good for business and worse for my boating life as well. It may be time to get that propeller of yours checked

again because as well know the October long weekend comes around very quickly these days and before we

know it we will hard back at it again.

These days emailling or texting photos of damaged propellers can be an easier way of getting a rough estimate

and whether a repair can be done or not. Far easier than coming in or freighting it to me so feel free to do so.

0418952852 for text and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for emails.

Remember we repair Original Equipment and Solas Propellers only.

Cheers again,

Michael and Cheryl

Hello again, May is upon us already and the Annual fishing trips up North are full on. We get many requests for spare

Propellers to take along so that the Holiday doesnt get stalled without a propeller after a bingle.We can help out with

a very reasonably priced spare either new or secondhand if available.

Now, there is an increasing trend becoming evident in todays boating population and that is a "blood out of a stone mentality".

I by no means profess to know everything and I admit to making mistakes. We all do. But when it comes to being the

excuse man, its always my fault type of stuff, Id rather let you go and deal elsewhere. Sorry. But the last couple of customers

have brought this on. I will explain.

A man came in last month and asked me to fit a pair of stainless four blades to his Cat as the ones he had where wrong.

Over the course of 45 minutes ( he bartered like a poor/richman), I stated, " remember a simple rule, left on the left and right

on the right and you wont go wrong"

He never acknowledged that only saying , I dont know mechanics. I proceeded to fit them, charge them out and he was on his way.

The following Friday afternoon i get a call at 5.30pm at home, my phone is diverted phone to my mobile, abusing me for

putting the wrong propeller on the left hand side. He then explained that he decided to go fishing and run the gearbox

in reverse all day damaging the gearbox and  I would be expected to cover costs and get him a propeller up to Exmouth

asap which he/we organised on the Monday. Now he wants a refund on the damaged, used for 10 hours propeller, in reverse!!!!!!

Sorry cant help you!


Next is rebushing. If I feel that a Propeller is a risky proposition to rebush but you still wish to take the risk, I will

ask for payment up front which means that you take the risk of it failing and dont wish to take my advise. This happens on

propellers older than 5 years or so or badly corroded alloy versions. Its rare but does happen.

What are the chances of it happening to the brother of the man above with the cat?

Sorry boys. I can only do my best


Michael and Cheryl 

Well here we are a couple of days into the school holidays with grey skies and showers which we normally associate with Easter time as well.

Easter for those non orthodox religions was two weeks or so ago, with ours being at the start of May.

Its ok for me being a Greek, i get two Easters and love it.

Whats new in the world of Propellers this month? Not alot. Gearing up for the grey nomad migration to the camping

spots up North with the sales of small engine Propellers noticeably higher.

They are obviously taking advantage of Our special on the opening page that is running pretty much all the time now due to popular demand.

The repair bench is back to normal now with waiting times down to within the same week so bring them on in, in the off season to avoid

waiting times in peak periods.

cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl 


Hello fellow prop users. Well we are back from the 30th Anniversary Celebrations in the factory in Tai chung and all I can say is WOW!. 

To actually do the same factory tour ten years down the track and see the Improvements in speed, and all out efficiency was mind blowing.

Impeller numbers are up around 1000 per day and Propellers are well over ten times that amount daily. It really is hard to believe unless you see it.

At a quick glance around production I spotted in OE Propellers, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Honda, Volvo, Brp, Yamaha Impellers, Seadoo Impellers and a whole lot more.

We are slowly settling back in to the routine with the repair bench probably being up to date by the end of the month.

cheers till next time

Michael and Cheryl



Well it is good to be on the ball and early for this months chat but not the reason for it.

With late notice I need to inform you all that We will be attending SOLAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING

30th Anniversary at the factory in Taiwan.

I was lucky enough to attend their 20th Anniversary celebrations so this will be even bigger.

Paul Zadnik will be in charge as normal with full contact with me in Taiwan.

We will be back to normal on Tuesday the 15 of March

All the best to you all.

Michael and Cheryl


Hello again, this is probably the wierdest start to a New year ive ever seen. Its very strange to see lightning and frontal activity etc rolling around

from suburb to suburb and at one stage even back out to sea. The Australia day weekend was the best example of it ive ever been in.

Business is brisk for this time of year with most boaties taking full advantage of holidays at home and the gaps in wierd weather to give

the vessel a good run.Tides have been pretty extreme during the full moon phase, you know, springs and neaps and all that stuff.

So be careful out there.

An old basic rule for you all, SEE BROWN GO AROUND. I swear by it ! might not work in the Swan though :)

Anyway, Propellers. Still got every imaginable propeller in stock in our Osborne Park factory.

So come on in and we can sort you out.


Michael and Cheryl

Hello again. Please be informed that we are taking a short break next week to take full advantage

of Western Australia's version of Australia Day.

So we wiill be closed;


Heres Hoping you have a safe and happy day too

Michael and Cheryl


Hello again, a surprising start to the month with an upsetting trend that seems to be creeping into boating fields of late.

On three instances this week, one walk in and two by phone, I have people that want me to identify after market

propellers and the pitches of the propeller so they can buy them elsewhere.

One gentleman even offered the name of the company that suggested that I could identify the prop for them

because they couldnt. Why would you deal with people that cant identify or measure a propeller properly?

Now I am all for saving money as well but common descency and manners prevail.

To the boy who purchased a Solas Propeller out of the U.S.A. only to find the pitch was too high,

no i will not exchange it for you here in Perth but would have if you bought it here.

Our pitch and prop exchange policy wins every time.

Dont even start on the word Warranty. Non existant on the cheapy Imports.

Finally,to the man with the blade broken completely off the propeller, REALLY? you went and bought the same brand again

to save a few bucks?

Happy and safe Boating!


Hello again. happy 2016. A week into it already and things are slowly getting back to normal. The repair bench is slowly emptying.

I am down to about a week behind now and chiselling away at it every day.

Nothing new to report at this early stage of the year but a visit to Taiwan in March for the 30th Anniversary of

Solas Science and Engineering usually brings a surprise or two to the market. Lets hope hey.

Excellent reports and feedback is coming in about the superior performance of the Solas Bravo 3 Propellers.

It seems the configuration chosen by Solas, with the 4 blade front and three blade rear is a winner!

I am sure copiers will do their stuff soon.

The new 18 pitch is a total success as it is the only one on the market. Good work Solas.

Thats about all for now

Cheers and happy boating





Well its Wednesday, the second last day of work this year for me and its 38 plus degrees outside.

My fellow boaties are sitting at Rotto having a cold beer and a hot cray. Have a great Christmas over there guys. 

The welding bench has been shut down this week and All of Januarys bench time is booked out already.

Our stock levels are high and we should be able to handle any request well into next year.

Id like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that have frequented Just Propellers WA in the past and hope to be able to help 

in any way I can in the future.

I will be opening tomorrow morning, the 24th until the phone stops ringing, lets say midday.

We will re open on Monday the 4 th of January 2016.

Many thanks and Merry Christmas to you all

Michael and Cheryl


December already. Not sure why im surprised. It happens the same way every year. It has been a very interesting Year to say the least.

From International incidents that reach way around the globe now and can even affect us way down here in Ozz on our own.

Its a changing World we live in.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of my loyal Dealers and Customers throughout the year and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Leading up to Christmas, I will be open up until 2.30pm on Thursday the 24th of December.

Reopening? not sure when yet. stay tuned :)

Merry Xmas

Michael and Cheryl



Today I unloaded a sea container full of Solas Propellers and we were lucky enough to get an extra allocation of

Tohatsu 12 pitch Stainless Steel units suitable for the Avon Descent racers.

Half of this order has gone already so please be quick.

Cheers  Michael

Welcome again to the Just Props monthly chat. I still arrive at work every day and truly get astounded at the prices some

people are prepared to pay for a Solas Propeller, Solas made Propeller or original equipment Propeller made in our factory. 

I am not interested in Mainland China or Korean made, no warranty stuff, just the Propellers that we make.

You know, the ones with the 5 year warranty.

I  get asked how other companies can sell cheaper than we do. It is very simple,

1. Quality of our manufacture exceeds all others

2. Warranty also the best of any maker

3.gst and import duties we pay to help this country grow

4.after sales service, repairs with workshops unmatched in W.A.

All this coming together to make Solas the preferred supplier to most major brands today.

So next time your passing Leeway Court in Osborne Park drop in and we will see if we can help you out



Well here we are in my birthday month, October, already and things are starting to hot up both with the weather and boating circles.

with healthy sales and a fair few new ideas and components hitting the market all at once.

After being away for all of September, leaving Paul in charge of Just Propellers WA I hope there wasnt too many problems unsolved in my absence.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Paul for all his efforts.

The main event this month would have to be the Mandurah boatshow which is always held on my birthday weekend thus making it a long hard saturday night

as well as a nasty Sunday at the show, self inflicted of course... I will not be attending this year for family reasons but  at the PROPSPEED, Paul, will have a couple

of Just Propellers WA gifts available for those who ask him so feel free.

Nothing much else to report really.

The Aussie dollar sitting under 70.00 cents u.s. makes it difficult to adjust prices at the moment but we can hold  firm on existing

pricing for a bit longer yet so at least they are not going up.

Warranty.Well that stays at an unchanged Industry high of 5 years



Hello again, with August almost gone its time to get ready for not being here for September. Yes, thats correct. I have booked the month of September

to return to my country of origin, Greece, for the first time which happens to coencide with a Niece's Wedding.

Although Nicko is no longer with the Company, I have been lucky enough to secure Paul Zadnik to do just that, keep the doors open.

He will man Just Propellers WA nicely with the added bonus of having the Queensland branch to back him up with their many years of experience.

So feel free to call Paul and discuss your Propeller needs in my absence knowing full well that Him and I will be in contact daily for any questions to be answered.

The Repairs and rebushing section will obviously be closed during this time.

Its probably a good time to grab that spare propeller youve always needed and leave the repair here for me to do when I get back.

Many thanks for your kind understanding


Half way through the month before I get a chance to do this.

Well, the Avon Descent has been run and won again with 95% of the placings using Solas Propellers again.

Many thanks to all users of our product and I hope the rest of your racing season goes as well.

Propeller news is ground breaking at present with testing just finished on 12 new high hp propellers. Stay tuned for these.

The only new gear is the Solas 12 pitch A category that made such a hit in the Avon.

The rubex bush system continues to amaze us with bushes and propellers coming in with in excess of 5500

Commercial hours on parts that do not even need changing.

A friend with a 200 hp white Suzuki four stroke on an 8m plate alloy boat, doing well over 100nm round trip out to deep fish in 500 plus meters

of water off Perth brought his propellers in to check the bushes as a maintenance thing and left with a single rubex bush part  for a spare after 900 hours use.

It seems those that thought the alloy centres of our bushes wouldnt last should maybe look at the chattering plastic centres in the other types.

Solas dont copy, they improve!

Cheers for now


Hello again. A month is a long time in the Boating Industry and ive learnt that things change very quickly.

This month I find myself back as a sole trader again, with Nicko setting off to conquer the Maritime world once more.

I wish him luck in his Endeavours.

Now back to business.This month sees the fellows gearing up for the Avon Descent again and being the honest bloke that I am,

I wish them all the rain possible to get some water flowing down those rocks. Even though no rain means more props:)

The Introduction of the SOLAS 12 pitch alloy and stainless propellers will make a difference this year. We just need water to show it.

We will have the 12 pitch for all engines for the next season.

I wish all the competitors the best of luck.


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