Just Propellers WA are pleased to offer KiwIFeathering props to the PerthYachting market.The 3 blade and 4 blade feathering composite propeller suits Yanmar, Volvo, Bukh, Kubota, Nani Diesel Saildrives, Shaft drives and various tapers.
The all new 4 blade will revolutionise the 50-100 horsepower market with all the unique characteristics of the 3 blade and more. More details to follow.

As from the 01.05.2024 the three blade kiwi propellers will be charged out by actual size in 4 price sections, 15.5 inch,16.5 inch,17.00 inch and 18.50 inch diameters.

   15HP TO 45 HP               ALL NEW 4 BLADE FOR 50-100 HP

PRICES - 3Blade 15.5 inch  $2299.00.

                              16.5 inch $2499.00

                              17.0 inch $2699.00

                              18.5 inch  $2899.00  

4 Blade $3799.00. prices incl. GST landed in Perth

Allow 7day delivery to our Perth office.

The Kiwi Feather Prop has been carefully engineered in New Zealand to provide new levels of all around propeller performance. The Kiwi Feather Prop provides outstanding motoring capability without any compromise in sailing performance at a substantially reduced price over competing products.

Fully automatic feathering for minimum drag when sailing.

Blades free to align with water flow not the shaft.

No shaft lock required.

Three Blades for faster smoother motoring.

Full Thrust in reverse.

No gears

Full adjustable pitch for optimum motoring performance

Composite blades minimise corrosion, weight and shock forces.

Exceptional value

Fits all standard shafts & Saildrives. Rated for 20 - 50 hp


The Kiwi-Feather Prop represents a simple new solution to the low resistance feathering yacht propeller which really does align the blades with the water flow not the shaft, thus always ensuring maximum sailing performance. Geared feathering props line up with the shaft, which may be at 15 degrees or more to the water flow. If one blade turns to the water flow, then the others turn against it through the gearing, hence auto rotation and increased drag. Folding props have to be as heavy as possible to give at best a semi-effective reverse but this introduces vibration from the hydrodynamic shock of the thick blade tips and any out of balance conditions from shaft or blade bearing wear.


Aligns feathered blades with water flow, not the shaft. Patented features

Feathered propeller does not auto rotate. Eliminates shaft locks.

Full pitch immediately in reverse. Compensates for the higher reduction ratio gearboxes utilise in reverse to provide maximum manoeuvrability.

Robust, low stress design without highly stressed gears. Fail safe design features built around composite blades and nose cone which minimise corrosion and lubrication problems.

Hi-tech Zytel blades give strength and light weight with low inertia and no shock loading. Easy to replace and lubricate but well locked in against blade loss.

Near neutral buoyancy means blades are responsive to the smallest changes in water flow thus always minimising drag when sailing.

Blades pivot over cast stub shafts, not cantilevered from washer type bearings with very high stress loading.

Eliminating the gearing allows the economical production of 3-bladed units which are more efficient and smoother running.

Easy pitch adjustment with self locking set screws in each blade allow optimal performance adjustment and eliminates inventory.

Common boss accommodates all standard shafts a


The Kiwi-Feather Prop is a simple, new solution to the low resistance, feathering yacht propeller, that really does align the blades with the water flow, not with the shaft, thus ensuring maximum sailing performance.

Type 3 blades. Left or right hand rotation
Diameter 16" (406mm) and 18" (457mm)
Plastic blades easily trimmed to 15", 17" or intermediate diameters
Pitch Range Degrees 16 degrees to 20 degrees. Reverse 20 degrees
Pitch Range
10" to 15" for 16" prop
11" to 17" for 18" prop
Castings AB2 Bronze to Marine standard
Blades Dupont Zytel Black
Nose Cone and Nut Dupont Delrin (Acetal)
Spring & Cap Screws Stainless steel
Blade Retaining Pins Stainless steel
Shaft Diameters 1.25" and 1" or SAE 16/32 Spline for all Saildrives.
Shaft Taper SAE taper per ft = 0.7500 in +/- 0.002 (1/16" per inch)
Shaft Nut Thread As requested. Saildrive standard M16, AB2 Bronze
Keyway 1/4" square, parallel key
Maximum Power 50 hp
Weight 3.5 Kg


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