Just Propellers WA are proud to announce that we are the Australian distributors for XCOMP KOREA.

These composite Propellers are for the outboard and sterndrive market.

They consist of three interchangebale blades, a rear cap and solid secret product centre hub

that holds the blades together. Its a really modern version of passed attempts at composite propellers.

We are happy to put these in our range beside the Superior SOLAS brand of Propellers especially when

The XCOMP Propeller actually uses the SOLAS rubex bush for its drive system.


35-70 hp C category  3 blades come in 12,13 and 15 pitch

55-130 hp D category 3 blades come in 15,17 and 19 pitch

135-280 hp E category 3 blades come in 15,17,19 and 21 pitch

All available now in stock in our Perth office in Osborne Park.

Feel free to drop in and have a look at this amazing product.

We will supply anywhere in Australia with free express postage supplied.


Contact Michael for more details. 1300 4 PROPS



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