Well its Wednesday, the second last day of work this year for me and its 38 plus degrees outside.

My fellow boaties are sitting at Rotto having a cold beer and a hot cray. Have a great Christmas over there guys. 

The welding bench has been shut down this week and All of Januarys bench time is booked out already.

Our stock levels are high and we should be able to handle any request well into next year.

Id like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that have frequented Just Propellers WA in the past and hope to be able to help 

in any way I can in the future.

I will be opening tomorrow morning, the 24th until the phone stops ringing, lets say midday.

We will re open on Monday the 4 th of January 2016.

Many thanks and Merry Christmas to you all

Michael and Cheryl


December already. Not sure why im surprised. It happens the same way every year. It has been a very interesting Year to say the least.

From International incidents that reach way around the globe now and can even affect us way down here in Ozz on our own.

Its a changing World we live in.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of my loyal Dealers and Customers throughout the year and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Leading up to Christmas, I will be open up until 2.30pm on Thursday the 24th of December.

Reopening? not sure when yet. stay tuned :)

Merry Xmas

Michael and Cheryl



Today I unloaded a sea container full of Solas Propellers and we were lucky enough to get an extra allocation of

Tohatsu 12 pitch Stainless Steel units suitable for the Avon Descent racers.

Half of this order has gone already so please be quick.

Cheers  Michael

Welcome again to the Just Props monthly chat. I still arrive at work every day and truly get astounded at the prices some

people are prepared to pay for a Solas Propeller, Solas made Propeller or original equipment Propeller made in our factory. 

I am not interested in Mainland China or Korean made, no warranty stuff, just the Propellers that we make.

You know, the ones with the 5 year warranty.

I  get asked how other companies can sell cheaper than we do. It is very simple,

1. Quality of our manufacture exceeds all others

2. Warranty also the best of any maker

3.gst and import duties we pay to help this country grow

4.after sales service, repairs with workshops unmatched in W.A.

All this coming together to make Solas the preferred supplier to most major brands today.

So next time your passing Leeway Court in Osborne Park drop in and we will see if we can help you out



Well here we are in my birthday month, October, already and things are starting to hot up both with the weather and boating circles.

with healthy sales and a fair few new ideas and components hitting the market all at once.

After being away for all of September, leaving Paul in charge of Just Propellers WA I hope there wasnt too many problems unsolved in my absence.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Paul for all his efforts.

The main event this month would have to be the Mandurah boatshow which is always held on my birthday weekend thus making it a long hard saturday night

as well as a nasty Sunday at the show, self inflicted of course... I will not be attending this year for family reasons but  at the PROPSPEED, Paul, will have a couple

of Just Propellers WA gifts available for those who ask him so feel free.

Nothing much else to report really.

The Aussie dollar sitting under 70.00 cents u.s. makes it difficult to adjust prices at the moment but we can hold  firm on existing

pricing for a bit longer yet so at least they are not going up.

Warranty.Well that stays at an unchanged Industry high of 5 years



Hello again, with August almost gone its time to get ready for not being here for September. Yes, thats correct. I have booked the month of September

to return to my country of origin, Greece, for the first time which happens to coencide with a Niece's Wedding.

Although Nicko is no longer with the Company, I have been lucky enough to secure Paul Zadnik to do just that, keep the doors open.

He will man Just Propellers WA nicely with the added bonus of having the Queensland branch to back him up with their many years of experience.

So feel free to call Paul and discuss your Propeller needs in my absence knowing full well that Him and I will be in contact daily for any questions to be answered.

The Repairs and rebushing section will obviously be closed during this time.

Its probably a good time to grab that spare propeller youve always needed and leave the repair here for me to do when I get back.

Many thanks for your kind understanding


Half way through the month before I get a chance to do this.

Well, the Avon Descent has been run and won again with 95% of the placings using Solas Propellers again.

Many thanks to all users of our product and I hope the rest of your racing season goes as well.

Propeller news is ground breaking at present with testing just finished on 12 new high hp propellers. Stay tuned for these.

The only new gear is the Solas 12 pitch A category that made such a hit in the Avon.

The rubex bush system continues to amaze us with bushes and propellers coming in with in excess of 5500

Commercial hours on parts that do not even need changing.

A friend with a 200 hp white Suzuki four stroke on an 8m plate alloy boat, doing well over 100nm round trip out to deep fish in 500 plus meters

of water off Perth brought his propellers in to check the bushes as a maintenance thing and left with a single rubex bush part  for a spare after 900 hours use.

It seems those that thought the alloy centres of our bushes wouldnt last should maybe look at the chattering plastic centres in the other types.

Solas dont copy, they improve!

Cheers for now


Hello again. A month is a long time in the Boating Industry and ive learnt that things change very quickly.

This month I find myself back as a sole trader again, with Nicko setting off to conquer the Maritime world once more.

I wish him luck in his Endeavours.

Now back to business.This month sees the fellows gearing up for the Avon Descent again and being the honest bloke that I am,

I wish them all the rain possible to get some water flowing down those rocks. Even though no rain means more props:)

The Introduction of the SOLAS 12 pitch alloy and stainless propellers will make a difference this year. We just need water to show it.

We will have the 12 pitch for all engines for the next season.

I wish all the competitors the best of luck.


Winter is upon us again. I am seeing increasingly more Propellers that are failing in the bush area. It seems the sunny but cool weather is ideal for 

barnacle and other growth which can be increased by the lack of use due to the cooler conditions.

One main problem is the false idea that a brisk trip up the river at speed will blow the cobwebs, barnacles etc off the hull and Propellers.

Well its sort of half true, but just doesnt extend to the Propellers, exhaust flares and inner water passages which then in turn courses an exhaust

temperature increase, which then effects the bush temperature as well as extra resistance and pressure the dirt courses to the bush.

A spun bush results.

Rebushing is time consuming and expensive so try and avoid the above practice.

Solas rubex bush systems are designed to avoid premature spinning but there is no accounting for keeping the propellers and legs as clean as possible.

It is not recommended to fit any other bush system to Solas rubex Propellers.

Cheers and have a good month


Well here we are again, 12 days into the month and our feet havent touched the ground. With the new SOLAS anti clunk Yamaha rubex bush system being released as well as orders being delivered, we are on the go.

What we are finding is that there is still no substitute for quality.We are finding more and more cheap items that just arent lasting the distance coming into our factory for repairs and frankly, they just dont cut the mustard!

So, as stated before, we only repair original equipment and SOLAS Propellers.

Warranty shouldnt be a swear word when it comes to propellers and SOLAS along with us, supply the best Warranty on propellers in Australia.

Cheers and have a good month.




Solas Science and Engineering has revolutionised the application of the Yamaha SDS system by developing their own system.

Available in early May, SOLAS ANTICLUNK, for Yamaha gearboxes only,is available for all Rubex style Propellers in our range.

The development of the bush itself with no moving parts is a patented idea of Dr Solas and his team of Engineers

and will be supplied with Solas Propellers only, ie, not sold separately. If you have a Solas Yamaha propeller purchased in Perth

from us, we can retro fit this bush system to your Rubex Propeller for the price of the bush.

The system will fit;

60-100hp small nut gearbox  

70-300hp large nut geabox  


Michael and Nick

Well things just keep rolling along at Just Propellers WA. Here we are already into April. I seemed to have lost a month somewhere.

Propeller sales are brisk for this time of year. I think people are getting the message about check copies not really being worth it in the long run.

Building propellers to a price just isnt cutting it any more.

Time after time we see cheap copies come in here with customers not happy with the performance or the lack of it i should say and ask us to improve what they have lost.

Money back Guarantee is what you get if we cant improve the performance.

As long as you have data to show us what is wrong , we can decide if it can be fixed or if it is a problem at all.

Free advise and direction is part of the service. We wont sell you a propeller if we dont think it needs to be changed.

The old addage, if it aint broke dont fix it!

So, if its a call to see if your engine is geting the correct rpm or where your propeller needs attention, we are here to help


Michael and Nick



Well hello again. Happy New Year to all of you. Its funny how quickly time flys. Its already into February.

Nothing really to report other than that the pricing on our Solas propellers will be going up as of the 1st of March.

With the Australian dollar dropping to under 80.00 cents this week it now costs more to buy than it did at 105.00 cents.

With our factory backed 5 year bush warranty and lifetime warranty on castings we dont even acknowledge the other makers or brands and cheapy product.

GOOD NEWS for Just Propellers WA

My Son Nicholas has returned to work here after a successful swing on the gas project up north on the service tugs.

We are now two strong for supplying sales, service, repairs and sound advise at no extra cost.


Just Propellers WA has the rights to sell SOLAS propellers to the whole of Western Australia and its Territories

Propeller Warehouse in Warana Queensland has the rights to all other states of Australia

We will, under no circumstances sell any propeller in to any other part of Australia. Never have, never will.


We also have a varied pricing structures and obviously staff levels, as well as cost of sales with be different.

So what I can sell a propeller for may not be the same as them and vice versa.

Remember price fixing is illegal so we wouldnt do that .





Well its December 18 already. I seem to have slipped as far as keeping up the blog but busy means busy.

It has been a frustrating month with people obviously shopping around for the best prices and good on you, but please dont bring internet purchased propellers

here expecting me to repair inferior alloys, rebush crooked housings,bent bushes or supply bush kits forgotten by ripoffs overseas.

It is about time some people realise and understand that you pay for quality, five year warranties and lifetime warranty on castings.

Only SOLAS offer these Warranties, but sure, if it comes with free freight it must be bloody good :)

Id like to take this opportunity to thank my loyal dealers and customers for sticking together in this last year.

Definitely not a business year anybody wants repeated that is for sure.

I will be staying open until 12.00pm Xmas eve the 24th of December

Opening for a half day on Monday the 29th of December and,

as long as customer demand says on tuesday the 30th of December.

So we are closed from 31.12.2014 reopening on Tuesday the 6th of January

Compliments of the season to you all

Merry Christmas and really have a Happy New Year


Its a beautiful Thursday afternoon prior to the Mandurah Boat show. Looks like a nice weekend for a change.

We wont be attending this year as you just cant be in two places at once.

We however have a co-worker from the Queensland branch that has his full range of Miya Epoc electric reels

and plenty of the latest Wizard Tackle for you to see. He is Larry Diamond, related to Mike the Olympic shooter.

Hell of a nice fellow, greek too so im biased.

A hidden box of Just Propellers WA stubby holders are on the stand as well.

Go and see Larry and work a holder out of him.





blog 4

Well it seems that the latest trend is to call me at Just Propellers WA and ask for the free advise on which pitch propeller will suit the new boat, repower, Import etc.

I can assure you that with our pitch and prop exchange system that we will get the best performance, correct rpm as per manufacturers specs or your money back.

But, as far as calling and asking which pitch propeller you need and then buying elsewhere or getting it free with the new outboard purchase, this will not happen!


Free advise is included in the price of the propeller with the five year Warranty. That is unmatched Australia wide





1 X Menkens Lefty  3  X 10.5  X 15.30 Pitch with 20 degree rake.

Obviously the exact dimensions are withheld until the $2000.00 is paid in cash.

No trial, No returns, No regrets. The prop Won the 2013 W.A. King of the River and the Open unlimited titles in Perth

Against a fancy white boat's (SACRIFICE) Propeller and seriously held its own.

Call michael 1300 4 props

These computer guys.. they think this is funny getting a propeller fixer, welder etc to sit down once a month and write about his Industry.

What I have noticed this month is a serious downturn in servicing being done in time for the new season.

We ran special last month offering a free prop check , new split pin and a couple of new 2014 stubby holders. Not one taker!

no big deal but its better than a kick in the ass I suppose :). boats. need servicing, maintenance and warranties on major components.

At SOLAS our stainless steel range of propellers afford a full five year warranty.!

We do not wish to be known as the single use, non repairable die cast alloy propeller maker.

ok. off to enforce the mum duties for the next fortnight. Early lunch with my mum in doubleview so if the shop is closed when you get here, it wont be for long:)



Welcome to the first 2014 blog for Just Propellers WA,whos owner is me, Michael Constantine. Howdy. Over the past 11 years in this Industry it has been made plain and simple to me and others still in the Industry, that if you do not keep your pencils sharp,your buying power keen and a handle on your business, you will invaribly fail..

In  recent years and months the closing down of some of the most iconic businesses, names and manufacturers in Perth is a worrying  trend that I hope slows soon.Sure we all wish to save a buck,spend less, get more,but from my personal  experience in the long run it will only cost the people who run with these internet purchasing ideas that will be the biggest losers. The internet has reduced the worlds contact size dramatically. It is really amazing but isnt it funny how when you want to return something how quickly that the world almost explodes back to normal size.

This is how we blow overseas suppliers away;.






We even had a new supplier of inferior brand propellers move into a suburb in Queensland and sell himself off as the SOLAS man.Been here for 25 years! not!

I suppose the best form of praise is to be copied!

Well ive just had another sea container of propellers delivered so i best get into it ,count it and stack it away ready for the summer rush

All the best and cheers




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