Hello again, its nearly Christmas again. They come around quickly these days.

Well we are fully stocked up for the new year ahead so there really is not a propeller we cannot supply out

of the extensive range we carry. From memory i cut myself short on 11 pitch 25 johnson propellers so that

not too bad. We are seeing a huge range of shortages in engines, gearboxes and propellers from other makers.

You just cant sell it if you havent got it. I wise old mentor of mine said that 15 years ago when we set up the shop.

This is extremely evident this week when I lent a rescue crew a left hand rotation propeller because their engine supplier

couldnt supply a right hand gearbox. Part of our service is to keep the rescue boat on the water but, really?

So whats new this month?

16 pitch. we seem to be having a run on setups that require split pitches .

So SOLAS  came to the party.

We can now supply;

D 3 X 13.5 X16 right hand stainless for 60-140 hp

E 3 X 15 .3 X 16 left and right stainless for v6 gearbox

and E4 X 14.5 X 14 and 16 pitch hr titan 4 blade right only. these are exclusive to W.A.

Thats about all for now


Michael and Cheryl

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